Frequently Asked Questions

If you're reading this, you've gone too far.

Why have you done this?

Honestly, I love to-do apps. Actually, I love the idea of to-do apps, but I still mostly suck at organizing. I'm still searching for that perfect one, and believe it or not, after reviewing so many, I still haven't found it.

Don't you have better things to do?

Absolutely! Have you ever had a domain name you liked, and really wanted to do something with it? That's partly why I've ended up down this rabbit hole.

How did you put this site together?

Taskfiler is an experiment with no-code. When I stumble across a new to-do app, I bookmark it in Pocket, then I use Make to s ync that data to Airtable , which is then rendered in this site by Dorik . The only code I've written is the html in this particular faq answer.

What have you learned?

For the infinite number of to-do apps online, there's an equal number that are defunct and never survived. Half of them are Trello clones, and nearly all have a screenshot of a grocery list on their website. These aren't bad things, in fact there's a to-do app for nearly every work style out there with innovative ideas, beautiful interfaces and meaningful integrations.

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